Feature requests

Disable Incoming Shares Notification (11)
Snatching the db from GDFS. Shortcutting Insync initial DB creation (3)
It would be nice to have an option to store the InSync database on our google drive (3)
FreeNAS or FreeBSD Support (9)
Google Backup and Sync (19)
Suggestion: Delay per folder or Generic Delay before uploading (4)
Any way of changing the icons (for the Drive folder and emblems)? (5)
Ability to pop out insync from tray to persistent window (3)
UI Size on Linux (2)
Limiting insync bandwidth using Trickle (6)
Copy a document (2)
One way syc (backup) (3)
Raspberry Pi & NAS improvements (4)
Option to choose between full sync or selective sync at install (5)
Add - OneDrive for Business (19)
Fail less quietly (notifications upon unexpected quit) (4)
Priority Syncing (4)
Selective Convert (Feature Request) (3)
Queue Management (6)
Always reject all new shares? (3)
On-demand shared files syncing (9)
Use hard links for multiple folder placement (tag paths) (1)
Direct links sharing (3)
Ignore list file? (.insyncignore) (5)
Rising more than 2 files simultaneously (4)
«Stream files on demand» feature from Drive File Stream (1)
Ignore/dismiss errors (3)
"Syncing Still Paused"-Reminder (2)
Owner and permissions mapping (4)
"Sync Now" Option (3)