About google photo sync

When i remove photo on google photo web interface, insync doesn’t remove it from the local folder.
This behavior seems counter intuititve, because google photo say explicitely in a toolbox that any photo removed via the web interface is also removed from google photo folder. At this time, this syncing behavior don’t work with insync.

Any date for this feature ?
Thanks for your great software,


Hi @reyman thanks for the feature request, I’ll +1 you in this and will get back to you :smile:

although this seems to be a bug, can you let me know your OS? :smile:

Hi, Os is Ubuntu 15.10 x64 !
So, finally it’s a bug or a features ?

I tried it on my end and it deleted the photo locally, I will tag our engineer @lpugoy in this and he will get back to you :smile:

@reyman: Apologies for not replying sooner. Please send your logs to support@insynchq.com for investigation: How to find the log files.