Adding .git folder to ignore list does not stop Insynch from syncing the folder

I have added .git to prevent the .git folder from syncing. However, Insynch is still syncing the files in that folder. According to the explanation rules can be for files and folders, so what am I doing wrong here? I am running Insynch on Linux (Ubuntu 14.04)

tagging our engineer @lpugoy in this :smile:

@pvb The ignore list applies only to new files. So if Insync was already syncing the .git folder then you added it to the ignore list, Insync will still sync it. If this was not your case, please send your logs to for investigation: How to find the log files.

I have the very same problem.

Have node_modules and .git in my ignore lists.
When I create a new git repo, it starts syncing like crazy, which is not what it should do.

@lpugoy did you find anything in the previous investigation?

@Willem_Mulder: I can’t find the ticket for the original user, apologies. Please send your logs as well for investigation.

Just emailed them; hope you are able to pinpoint the issue. Thanks!