Aliases and symlinks creating errors

Mac OS El Capitan

Any aliases (linking to folders) on our synched drive are causing insync to search for a server it can’t find (and to beachball while it does). If left for long enough insync does stope beachballing and these aliases appear in ‘the actions required’ pane. They can be moved to ‘errors’ but the only way to get rid entirely is to delete the aliases from our server.
We have tried using symlinks as well but the problem remained the same.

We use aliases on a large scale. Can insync not handle them?

Can you send in your logs along with the link to this post to so we can look into this?
How to find the log files

I will do that, but you need to start imparting information into forum threads.

other people will be having similar problems that need answering, and every thread on this forum ends in you asking for the logs and that ends the public discussion.

If there is a problem with aliases you need to say so publicly so people can learn.

Further to the initial problem detailed above, we attempted to resolve the actions through insync which has resulted in the source folders for the aliases being deleted from out server. They are still on google but not on our server. We are talking 100s of gig of data. We need to know how to sync these back from google to our server. This is critical.

I am writing this publicly as it may be of benefit to people. If this is is a known problem it should be answered publicly as we may not have walked into a massive problem if it had been discussed elsewhere.

I am going to send the logs now, but I will be posting the answer to this here.

This might be caused by various things so we do not have a a single solution for this yet that we can post in the forums (sorry about that).

Thanks for the feedback. We will look into this as soon as possible.

i’m not able to email the logs as I am working a computer that does not have an email client on it.
It is purely for admin of our server and dealing with insync.
Are you able to open a chat window that files can be transferred through?

go over to and I’ll be online to take care of your log files :slight_smile: