BackupAndSync considers my drive up-to-date, but insync still wants to sync a lot

My Backup and sync client finished to sync everything cleanly.

Then I close backupandsync, and fresh install insync for the first time : bam, insync starts syncing thouthands of file again.

Is it a known bug ? How should I do ?

Just to say that makes the app unusable …

I am still in trial period trying to figure out if insync is worth the investment.

As I heard about it from a long time ago I assumed the software was pretty mature.

I am quite surprised to find it unusable.

It takes ages to launch (and my computer is good), it never recalculates queue once calculated despite backupandsync does each time in case content changed.

And worse of all, maybe nobody noticed but despite backupandsync considers everything up to date, insyncs puts thouthands of file “in sync queue”… for nothing ? And it never ends, the list keep going up as time pass by… When I switch back to backupandsync, it has to re-update the file changed by insync…

Just unusable as it is now… I am sorry to say that. I had very high expectation for insync.

Many of your users me included are developers, our needs are very clear. But now I see backupandsync working perfect, and insync buggy, unefficient…

You should get paid by month instead of once, I am sure you lack funding. Even 1 dollar a month would be better.

I hope you are aware of it, but AS SOON AS backupandsync includes ingore lists, most of your users will go away and your new incoming users rate will drop. At least if insync did the job great, we may have been too lazy to make the switch… But if you continue with this pace it is SURE that you wont exist anymore in, say 2 years at most.

Maybe you already know this, you already know that backupandsync will crush your business, so you just let it go away slowly. Hoping to grab a little more sell till you still can. That would be a valid scenario given the fact that your support team is quite unresponsive.

Even this forum is just using Discourse paid solution, so I don’t think it cost you time to manage.

Sorry for the late reply. It is not ideal to use backup and sync + Insync simultaneously as it will create issues for Insync.

I think you misunderstood my issue.
Steps to reproduce :

  1. have backupandsync and make your google drive all up to date
  2. delete backupandsync
  3. install insync for the first time / fresh install, make it use your same google drive

What happens : is insync starts syncing again touthands of files, and do not even appear to finish anytime soon (list growing as the syncs go on.)

What should have happened : nothing because the drive was already up to date.

I see. Sorry for the late response. Is this still the case?

I don’t know I uninstalled it.

What makes you think that after a week of no support, the problem suddenly resolved by itself ?

Each time I get an answer (very rarely), there is no useful information, like this time again.

Is it psychological support or technical support ?

This is because there is no one registered solution for this issue, I apologize. Can you send in your logs and the link to this post to
How to find the log files

Unfortunately I cannot do that because the trial period ended…

Can you send in your Google Account to support so we can extend your trial? :slight_smile: