Bought pro+ but client still thinks I'm on the trial version

Installed the trial version on my OS X machine. Then purchased the Pro+ version ( via paypal) , you sent me a copy of the invoice
client still t hinks I’m on the trial version with 10 days left. How do I tell it that I’ve bought a license?

Hi @Alex_Sharaz kindly try refreshing your license: How to refresh Insync license

Let me know if this works :smile:

Hey Guys,

Its 2019… We have something called the internet, which can automatically apply my license.

One of the most unsatisfying purchasing experiences I’ve ever had while buying software online since the mid 90’s.

-Purchased via paypal
-no welcome email or anything
-followed the link in the success payment page to create an account and assign the license.
-Restarted my app on both my laptops, both show still in trial mode
-Had to start googling for help on this topic
-Found this topic
-Had to sign up a forms account
-Using outdated instructions due to a new interface I had to figure out how to find the new account settings area…then finally
-had to manually go and REFRESH license.

Are you kidding me? Guys, check the license on startup like a normal program.

A sour taste left after purchasing your software with excitement (I really love it)

Please look into this, and how many other people are having to GOOGLE what to do after purchasing??

Hi there,I apologize for this experience. It sometimes takes a while before licenses can apply, but more often than not, it refreshes automatically. Hence why the refresh button is on the license page for these cases. I apologize if it wasn’t as clear. We’ll take this as feedback, thank you. We appreciate your time.