Bulk changes - any way to make it work?

Did anyone ever find a way to make the sync faster with bulk changes? I currently have 502,647 items queued to synchronize and insync manages less than one per second. It has already been going for two weeks; this is not working at all for me.

I only (?) have 614,164 files (388GB) so it is crazy that it still has 500k to sync after two weeks.

I know other people have had similar issues but I could not find any resolution or workaround. Any tips at all?

Hi @cybaea I apologize for that. The issue behind here varies, however, we would like to investigate yours. kindly send in your logs along with the link to this post to support@insynchq.com
How to find the log files

So six days later is am down from 502,647 files to 481,304 which I make out at about 2.5 files per minute, or about 0.2 Mbps upload (on a 18 Mbps connection). Should be done in less than 140 days if I don’t change too many files in that period…

I like insync and think I was one of the early users, but it is not working. Two orders of magnitude below expectations. I am talking to support but they don’t seem to have any answers.

Time to switch to the Google client, I think.