Cannot login successfully

I have 2 laptops. On one (x64) I can login fine. but on my 32 bit machine I cannot get beyond the Request for Permission. IF I get beyond that and the blue button is active, there is another long delay, after which I get the blue login in progress screen. Then after that I get an error logging in message with the option to try again. Please help!

Hi Larry,

Please send your logs to Please refer here on how to find them. You can compress them before sending to save space.

Thanks Luis, for getting back with me. I have good news to report. I now have Insync working on this computer. I noticed that gstreamer-errors were repeatedly showing up in my out.txt file. So I deleted gstreamer, after determining what dependencies would also be removed (I can always put them back, since I didn’t need them on this machine. I also updated my intel video drivers, but I don’t think that was the problem).

Finallly, I was able to get beyond the blue “logging in” screen.

Maybe this information will be of help to someone else.