Cannot sync new folder created on Google Drive by other user

Hi ,
I have Insync v3.0.23.40579, to access a Google Drive folder that is shared with other users.
If another user creates a new sub-folder in a folder that i already have access, i can see that there is a new sub-folder (in Insycn), but it not adds it automatically, as was done in the past.
I need to ask my colleagues which sub-folder was create and them go to Insycn and click in the Sync button.
How can this sub-folder appears automatically?

Hi there, I apologize. You are correct, this behavior was available in Insync 1.5 but was not implemented in Insync 3. For now you can manually sync it as we are building it for 3.0.25 (we are currently on version 3.0.23 and releasing 3.0.24 soon).

Thanks for your answer (must type 20 characters for a reply?!)