Cannot upload local changes with specific extension on Ubuntu 20.04

I found it is strange that Insync won’t upload local changes if the files have a specific extension such as “.lock”.

For example, I create a file named “poetry.lock”, Insync just totally ignore this file.
But if I upload this file through the website, it can be correctly downloaded, and then I delete this file, this change will be uploaded.

So it looks like, for at least this specific extension, Insync will ignore the creation of files?

Hi @Sraw,

So sorry for not responding sooner. Is “.lock” in your Ignore Rules or does it have a “~” on the file name when it’s being uploaded?

Hi @miamoran,

No, the Ignore Rules are empty. And there is no ~ in the file name. The name is exactly what I said, “poetry.lock”. But based on my test, any files with this extension will be ignored. Such as OK.lock etc.