Cant activate Prime Account


Hello, I have bought a Prime license but I’m not being able to activate it on my app. When I try to access my dashboard a page appears with the information that I don’t have permissions to view the page, that I have to buy Prime. But I have already bought on 25/09 and have received the receipt at my email.
What should I do?



Were you privately contacted by some admin? It’s unusual that no one answered so far.

Have a great evening!


Hi! No, at this time no one have contacted me. I have sent an e-mail to the support reporting this issue but no one responded so far.
Thank you for asking.


Hi Tiago! May I ask @Gregory to have a look at this? Something seems wrong over here :confused:

He may get you help, perhaps directing the request to some account admins?

Have a great one!


Hey @Tiago_Lisboa,

Apologies for the delay! :frowning: I replied to your message on our website and have made some changes to your account so everything should be good. :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up, @BodoQC!


Hi @BodoQC and @Gregory!
Thank you! I’ve checked and everything is now up and running! Thank you very much @BodoQC for taking the time to help me and “call” someone who could help and thank you @Gregory for fixing this issue for me! I’m working on several projects and Insync really is helping. :wink:

Best regards to you both! Have a great day!


Anytime, @Tiago_Lisboa!

Let me know if you need anything else. :slight_smile: