Can't clear error

Receiving error "Can’t process .insync-trash - table ref_fs_files has no column named parent_id_copy.

No idea what file they’re talking about. How can I clear this error?

Hi there, can you kindly send in your logs along with the link to this post to
How to find the log files

cc @marte @dipesh @jimperio @lpugoy

Hello @sjl510,

Please try the following build to fix the error that you are presently facing:

It appears that .insync-trash folder has somehow got uploaded to your Google Drive, Insync itself never does so. Are you syncing the Insync folder via official Google Drive app as well? Please not that this is not supported and is known to cause conflicts and duplicates. If you want to continue using the official Google app, please set up its drive folder at a different location - Insync should have its own separate syncing folders.


I am having a similar issue and would like to clear these errors. I presently have 26 errors, because the app cannot find these files. When I click on the magnifying glass of each error it takes me to the files location, which it thinks it cannot find. It would be helpful to be able to clear these errors without having to delete the files.