Can't process <child> - Parent folder <parent> is not being added

I enter a folder name <parent> in IGNORE LIST and set it to do not upload or download. And then I create a child folder <child> in <parent>.

Insync shows an error message: Can't process <child> - Parent folder <parent> is not being added.

How do I solve the problem?

@yltang That is expected behavior though, since <parent> is being ignored. Do you mean that you want <child> to be synced but not <parent>?

Of course I don’t want the child folder to be synced, otherwise I would have put it somewhere else. However, Insync shouldn’t throw an error message, right?

@yltang Oh, I see. Apologies for the misunderstanding, I thought it was just a message. Please send us your logs to for investigation: How to find the log files. You can compress it before sending to save space.

File sent. Thanks for your assistance.