Can't process inbox - this file has been identified as malware

Using Insync 1.5.7 on Ubuntu 16.04. Three machines all using google drive and the .thunderbird file is synced. Occasionally I get the error “can’t process [inbox/spam] - this file has been identified as malware or spam and cannot be downloaded” from two of my machines, while the laptop which I normally use daily never does.
If I manually copy the files from the laptop to the other it works fine for a while. It is always the same two folders and they have both been virus scanned.
Does anyone know why this is happening?

Hi @Gareth_Dunley,

Could you let me know if by “manually copying the files from the laptop to the other” means that you have removed the file that Insync has been detecting as malware and re-uploading said file from local to the cloud?

I sync the .thunderbird folder from my laptop using insync, then copy it to the other computers, replacing their versions of it. All machines will then sync. with my google drive with no problem for varying lengths of time!
The laptop will continue to work regardless!!

Hi @Gareth_Dunley,

Apologies for the wait! I see that you’ve also emailed us as a little nudge :slight_smile:

Hmm, have you tried re-uploading the file (from the laptop) to the web so that this version syncs across all machines?

Yes - once it has been uploaded from the laptop it will not download to the other machines. I need a way to over-ride Insync and tell it to download the folder regardless.

Ah, I see @Gareth_Dunley. Let me check this with our engineers.

I have cleared the problem - had to delete the relevant files/folders on the laptop (they were empty anyway, but there we are!) and allowed thunderbird to re-make them. I have no idea what Google/Insync thought were the problems - my own virus check revealed nothing. However, the issue is now solved until the next time.
Thanks for trying!

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Hi @Gareth_Dunley,

Very glad to know this was sorted out. Thank you for updating me, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile: Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything else!