Can't resume insync syncing


On Fedora 28 I paused insync with insync pause_syncing, and now I can’t get it to resume:

  • Rebooting the laptop doesn’t help
  • Killing and restarting insync doesn’t help
  • insync resume_syncing doesn’t help
  • Unpausing via the GUI doesn’t help

Please help! Thank you!


Hi @NYCeyes,

I’ve replied to the other thread that I’ve raised this to our engineers and will update you guys as soon as I can! :slight_smile:


HELP! Is there any way to force resume? What is an alternate way to insync resume_syncing? Are there manual steps? Unsync’ed changes are starting to pile up and I’ve heard nothing from you guys.



Hi @NYCeyes!

Sorry for the inconvenience!
Can you run ‘insync quit && insync start --no-daemon’ and then select ‘Resume Syncing’, wait for awhile and then send us the output?



Hi Kurt:

I uninstalled / reinstalled to get over this issue. I can’t reproduce any longer. But there is a bug lurking. Thanks