Can't share folders within Team Drives


I know that Google doesn’t support sharing of folders within a team drive but the InSync GUI allows sharing of folders so I was hoping that would be a good work around. But when I try sharing it says there was an error saving your changes?

Is this supposed to work in Insync? I almost forgot to add that I am the owner of the particular team drive I’m using and sharing files works fine.


Does anyone have an answer for this?


Hi @ChrisTownsend, sorry for not replying sooner! :see_no_evil:

Can you provide the exact steps you did so I can try to replicate on my end? Please also include your OS and Insync version. Thank you!


I’m using Insync v1.5.1 and so far I’ve tested on Mac OS High Sierra.

I go to my team drives and select a sub-folder within a team drive. Then I click on the share icon for one of the sub-folders. That opens a “Share” dialog. Then I click on “Show link sharing” which brings up the attached dialog. Then I enable “Link sharing ON”.

Then I click on “done” and lastly “save changes”. At that point I get the previously mentioned “error saving your changes” dialog.

I’ve tried it with “Links can be shared outside of” enabled and disabled but doesn’t seem to make a difference.


Bump, bump. Anything?


Hi @ChrisTownsend, sorry for not replying sooner! :see_no_evil: I’ll confirm this behaviour with our team. I’ll reply to this thread as soon as I have an update!