Copying configuration to a new computer deleted all files in Drive

I copied ~/.config/Insync to a new computer and it immediately removed all synced folders from Google Drive.
Also on the old computer everything was deleted. Probably synced from Drive to the computer.

Any good strategy to get the previous status restored?

I have a backup of the old computer but this is extremely inconvenient.

Hi @Gunter_Zochbauer1,

I am terribly sorry for the trouble! May I know if the old computer’s Insync was running at the time you transferred it to the new computer? If so, what are the Insync versions for both machines? Are the sync locations from old to new machine identical, or did you use a new location to sync your files?

If it’s 1.x, Insync has a hidden .insync-trash folder that contains deleted files. Aside from Google Drive’s Trash folder, you can check there to restore your files. If you’re on Insync 3, however, you can check both computer’s local trash folder to retrieve the files.

Please also send your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post so I can report this for further investigation.

Thank you!

Thanks for the hint,
but attempts to restore from the trash only shows errors that the trashinfo files are corrupted.

I’m going to restore from a local backup.

What worries me is that the app deleted all synced directories from the server because the configured local directory didn’t exist. I would understand it if only the content were removed. I think you should fix that.

Requesting a confirmation when the directory that previously contained content is suddenly completely empty would be a wise thing to do IMHO instead of just deleting everything on the server as well.

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It would also be a great idea to make it more prominent that Drive files are not synced at all if no conversion is configured.
I thought I had a local backup of the content of my drive because I synced it, but actually the local backup seems to be completely worthless.

Ideally the files would be synced anyway even though there would be no way of opening them locally instead of creating just a link.

Thank you for the feedback, @Gunter_Zochbauer1!

By any chance, do you have the logs.db and out.txt files in your ~config folder? If, so, could you send them to with the link to this post?