Do not download insync3

Do not download insync 3 for linux , it really doesnt work at all, two of my computers are crashed I will propably have to reinstall them completly. I am furious, I paid licences for a product that doesnt work any more.

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Sorry about this @Frederic_Schlur, please email for anything.

Same happened to me!!! I have to reinstall the OS, because the computer crashed while trying to sync my account. I’m trying to get in touch with the support team, but they don’t even reply my emails.

Neither 1.5.7 or 3 versions works on Ubuntu 19.

I am using version on manjaro, and i have no problems. If i start it in terminal i have no errors only some warnings.

After first official release of Insync3 as a regular product (Insync 1.x is out of support) many customers here reports a lot (really a lot!!!) of problems. Insync3 on Windows 10 is, frankly speaking, total disaster. Insync3 on Linux has no CLI interface and does not support several desktop environments (KDE, XFCE, …)

When I sent you email to I did not get any relevant answers …

So, tell us, when will be available insync-thunar plugin for Insync3 ???

Is there a way to downgrade?
My sync runs for days. Should not take long for a 600GB sync on a 500MB up/down connection.


No way you need to reinstall linux in one application is crashing it. Go into maintenance mode during boot and remove the application via terminal.

apt remove insync