Doc conversion and subsequent edits

If we choose to use doc conversion, and a Gdoc gets converted to Word and synced down to our computer, and then we modify the Word file on our computer, do those changes get synced back to the Gdoc on Drive? Or? Thanks!

Hi! Yes, the converted Word file will sync back as its corresponding GDoc on Drive! :slight_smile:

Ok great! I will usually only go one way, gdoc to docx, but will give the reverse a try also. I wondered about formatting. I will give it a try! Tnx!

Hi @rwstarkey,

Sorry-- I should have been more clear in my previous reply! The Docs Conversion feature works for GDoc to Word, but not the other way around (ie the original local file is Word and you want to convert it to GDoc). For more information, please refer to our help article here.