Doesn't work on Ubuntu 17.10


I have installed Ubuntu 17.10 daily build and Insync 64bit Version


My question is related to this thread. How is support of 17.10? When can we expect full support?
Ubuntu 17.10 is almost ready for release. What is the status of development/ testing @ insync?


Ubuntu 17.10 support is urgent.
Insync not working with 17.10


Using the 32bit on Ubuntu 17.10 beta and it will not allow the PPA to be used yet for artful. With just a few weeks from release, any news when it will begin to be supported on 17.10?

Insync crash on startup on Ubuntu 17.04

Tagging our engineer @jimperio and he will get back to you.


Same problem under Debian Sretch

IMPORTANT: Insync 1.4.4 release addresses stuck syncing and selective sync issues

Currently checking this out, and will update this thread with any findings and possible fixes.


We apologize for this issue – the installer download links for Ubuntu 17.04, 17.10, and Debian Stretch are outdated.

(Basically, just replace in the download links with

For Ubuntu 17.04/17.10, you may either install/update via APT or get the updated installers at these links:

64-bit headless:
32-bit headless:

For Debian Stretch:
64-bit headless:
32-bit headless:

We’re sorry for the confusion and will be rolling out the fix to our download page shortly.

Insync crash on startup on Ubuntu 17.04

Thanks!! your support is excellent!


Now it’s the problem, that Insync is running, but there is no possibility to see the control panel of Insync!


I wait for the apt-get links to be resolved.



okay, it works with sni-qt installed


Still cannot use the repository and I get the follwing error when running sudo apt-get update Artful InRelease
403 Forbidden

I have the the following configured in my software updates
deb[DISTRIBUTION] ubuntu artful non-free contrib

Just to confirm, Insync is loaded and running but it cannot access the repository for any future updates.


Artful Aardvark was released, but the repo still isn’t there. The error in the last post is still there after almost a week. C’mon guys!


D/L twice “insync_1.3.18.36169-zesty_amd64.deb” , then the one mentioned above “64-bit:” which created on my system “insync_1.3.18.36169-zesty_amd64 (1).deb” IDENTICAL
First installation was OK, System Monitor shows “insync” running, but there is no interface… Been using insync for ages, on my two GOOGLE-Accs.,first time this crazy stunt !!!


Solved? Installed “sni-qt_0.2.7+17.04.20170112-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb (45.7 KiB)” (from “”) and RuNS!’


You guys seem to really struggle with PR and customer support :confused:


I was thinking in pay the USD 30, but after the problem shows up and the support didn’t answer nothing after almost 18 days, I don’t think it’s a good idea…


I’m using insync for the past 4 (or 5?) years, and am very satisfied. Usually they replied within few hours. The app is great!


While the artful repository is not available, it’s still possible to install from the zesty repository:

  1. Add the GPG key:

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys ACCAF35C

  1. Add the zesty repository

echo “deb zesty non-free contrib” | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/insync.list

  1. Update and install

sudo apt update
sudo apt install insync

PS: I’ve always had irreprehensible feedback from insync support: they’ve always been swift and helpful with all problems I had in the past

EDIT: I was hasty: zesty insync does install on artful, and it appears to be running OK, but in my case it failed to sync correctly all my folders. I had changed some folder names on my laptop and the changes weren’t synced to Google Drive. So I will uninstall and wait for the artful repository :frowning: