Dolphin overlay icons not working

According to, version added support for Dolphin file manager overlay icons. But in my laptop (KDE Neon 5.21 fully updated) it doesn’t work, i.e. not overlay icons are showed.

When I launch Dolphin from console I get this message:

kf.kio.widgets: The "Insync" plugin still installs the desktop file for plugin loading. Please use JSON metadata instead, see KAbstractFileItemActionPlugin class docs for instructions.

Is this a problem with my current setup or there is something wrong with the Dolphin support?

Hi @chgonzalez,

Let me check this with our engineers and I’ll update you here :slight_smile:

Hi, what the engineers said?

Hi! They are still investigating this, but I will follow it up again for you :slight_smile:

Hi @chgonzalez

Are you viewing a folder that is currently synced by Insync? (ex. ~/Insync/[EMAIL]/Google Drive/[FOLDER OR FILE]) The status overlay icons are only shown for files that are synced or are currently syncing by Insync

Yes, of course. But my Insync folder is in /home/myUserName/Google Drive/ and is stored in a NTFS partition. Is this a problem for Insync?