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is there a way to configure insyc so it will only mirror the Google Drive content? I’d like to use insync as a mean to make periodic backups of my GDrive files but I want to be sure insync does not have write access. The reason is, some version conflict deleted my Google files irreversibly (they weren’t present even in the trash). I don’t want to risk again yet I’d like to give insync a second chance and use it for backup.

The configuration I’m asking for should be available in headless mode since I plan to set it up in my home NAS server (debian 8).


I got the same issue, and same request.

Latest version of insync i use create duplication, and in some case delete file. So very dangerous when using with lot of collaborator.

We are arroud 120 users working in the Google TeamDrive, with arround 30 000 files (was 20 000 until InSync create 10 000 duplicated file).

So until the option to only sync in 1 direction (from Google to Local), it’s a huge security issue for us.

Not seem to be a priority now for inSynch (in their timeline… but no date provided).

Also, because most colaborator are not aware of long-file-name, they create structure in the Google Drive that move the lenght beyond 256 char limitation in Windows. And we have multiple NAS/SAN system that not necessary support 256 char and more, so using tools to rename folder are not consider… hard to rename when inSynch can’t copy the structure to the server…


Hi @mDfRg and @Ingenierie_Media

At present, our product uses a two-way sync but we’ll take note of this request. May I know if you were able to check the .insync-trash folder aside from the Google Trash?

Additionally, please send your log files to with the link to this post. Our engineers will look into the issue so we can advise you how file deletions and duplications can be prevented moving forward. :slight_smile: