Endless syncing on new PC with network google drive folder

I’ve changed to a new PC, but the google drive folder is on a NAS.
After installing the Insync and setting the mapped drive, it started syncing.
But after 2 days it is still syncing and the queue number just keep going up and down. many duplicated empty folders appears on both my NAS and google drive.

what should i do?

i’ve looked through my google drive to find out in my horror, many folders are being screwed up bad! the folders along with all its subfolders and content are being moved to another folder for no reason! now i have to go through all my folders to move back to where they were before, and i got nearly 500GB of files! man this is gonna be a nightmare and man hours burned going through them… what is going on!!!

Similar problem here in an Ubuntu 15.04 64-bit computer.

Queue number goes up and down. Seems related to the .gddoc and .gdsheet files. All of them appear as having to sync without reason.

I have the same on Ubuntu 15.04 and Insync 1.2.12 - any solution for this problem?

@Alan_Chan: @Gorka_Navarrete: Sorry that we missed this until now.

@Alan_Chan: Please send your logs to support@insynchq.com so that we could look into it.

@Gorka_Navarrete: How do you say it is related to .gddoc and .gdsheet files. Could you elaborate further?

@dejanmilo: Please send you logs to support@insynchq.com

How to find the log files