Error for filename containing ":"

Hello, just using InSync for the first time. Just tried to move all content to OneDrive and got a lot of errors.

One of them is that insync is not capable to sync file names containing “:” as character.

EDIT: It is also creating a lot of “~tmp” files.

Can you send us a screenshot of the error on your end?

This bug is really easy to reproduce. Just place inside InSync folder a file with “:”.
I think that is a problem with NTFS files system, which, I believe, that Microsoft uses for their virtual drives.

The machine that I’m using now, I have a NTFS partition that doesn’t allow me to paste or rename a file with “:”, i.e. file:name.txt. In windows partitions, the dot character is used to indicate drives.

If you are not able to reproduce it, that’s not a bug. For me, sure it is.

I suggest InSync team to rename files like that without asking the user to solve it.
I just deleted all the files cause that was annoying me!