Error running on Ubuntu 17.10

1.4 beta version number:
Operating system:

Issue: Installed client and connected. When I click on the icon I get a message: It seems that another Insync app is currenty running. Will close now. - I restarted the laptop but always get the same message, Please advise.

I have the same problem here as well on 17.10. I see the sync notifications from time to time, but no icon shows up in the tray, so I can’t manage it.

Thanks for reporting guys. Please send your log files to to help with investigation (link back to this post)

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It turns out that if I kill insync and manually start it, it works fine.

The problem is in the automatic start up when I log in to the desktop (KDE in my case, I use Kubuntu). It seems to hang part way through the startup process.