Errors after trying to "add this folder" from nautilus


I’ve been testing insync for a while and the other day I was trying to use “add this folder” function. It never work and now the app is not working… no error is reported but the icon is with a red X.

@Rodrigo_Correa_Siade Please send your logs to for investigation: How to find the log files.

Thanks, Did you receive it?

@Rodrigo_Correa_Siade: I can’t find it in our mail, sorry. Did you use the same email address as your account here?

@Rodrigo_Correa_Siade: I deleted your post with the link to your logs because it was shared publicly and might contain sensitive information.

Your logs refer to paths that look like /media/ro/ext4data/bkprobuntu/.wine/drive_c/users/ro/My Documents/.config/teamviewer10/drive_c/users/ro/My Documents/.config/teamviewer10/drive_c/users/ro/... This suggests that you have a circular symlink. Please resolve it first then restart Insync.

Yes is possible, but that happened after the error I reported. I try to change the folder and went wrong to the root of the disk. Please refere only to logs with insync folder of /media/ro/ext4data/

I delete everything and then reinstall and now I can add files and folder outside of my insync problem without problem.

@Rodrigo_Correa_Siade: It looks like the same issue on that path. What folder did you use “add this folder” on? Maybe that is what caused the issue.

I try to replicate the exact problem than before, adding the same folder, but could’t reproduce. The folder was in /media/ro/ext4data/testfolder so it shouldn’t be a problem.