Exactly what kind of usage data is "anonymously" sent to Insync?


I’m happy to send truly anonymous usage data since it could help product development.
But exactly what kind of usage data is sent?
Please don’t answer vaguely.

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I am curious as well


Same here … supernice product but I would also like to know


Two weeks and not a single answer yet!

Shame on you Insync!
Zero transparency!



Sorry for not getting back to you guys sooner :persevere:

This Help Center article serves as a guide regarding questions on security and privacy. We’ll be updating the post soon to make it more extensive.

In addition, upon releasing version 1.4, we started using Google Analytics to help us determine our users’ demographics and how they use our app. This is optional and users can always disable this in Preferences. We send anonymized data to Google Analytics-- that is, we can’t pinpoint exactly which user sent a particular data. We also send to Google Analytics relevant events (e.g. when the app has started or ended, when the app is being used) together with the following:

  • App version
  • Platform info
  • Quota info of the account (total, used, others, trashed)

Hope this clears it out a little bit more. :slight_smile:


Hey guys, we just posted about Insync and GDPR: Insync’s preparations for GDPR ✍️