F31 Failed to download metadata for repo 'insync'

Seems that the repo isn’t compatible with F31 which was released today.

Let me check up on our team if they have already laid out steps regarding this.

I have the same issue, after installing Fedora 31 yesterday.

Are you guys using the Fedora 30 build? We will update our downloads page soon but can you guys download the Fedora 30 build for now on insynchq.com/downloads?

Yes, I’m currently using the F30 build… but that’s not the issue. The issue is that people are currently upgrading to F31 and you haven’t provisioned a repository for F31. F31 has been in Beta for months and the scheduled release date has been published for at least 6 months, so not really sure why you haven’t done this yet. FYI… Fedora typically releases new versions twice a year, in May and October.
Your repo file has the line:


The $releasever variable will be replaced with the value of the version of the package listed in distroverpkg. This defaults to the version of ‘redhat-release’ package. For people who have upgraded, this means the value will be F31 - and if you haven’t taken the short amount of time it takes to provision the repository, all your customers who are upgrading are going to get the error.

Hi, I have the same issue.

OI, estou com o mesmo problema. Sinceramente toda vez que tem uma versão nova do Fedora é esse mesmo problema.

Por favor revolvam o quanto antes este problema.

really this is ridiculous… every time… browse the forums same problem as past releases… fedora does beta for months and at release insync fails every single time… every single release… really guys u serious???

Yeah, what baffles me most is that they DO have f31 rpm packages available and it’s only a matter of updating repository…