Files NOT getting deleted

I have a selective sync file setup to be monitored and my issue is that files that are showing as removed from the folder in the Google Drive web application AND the official Google Drive client are not getting deleted by the Insync client.

The is a big problem for us because we’re running Insync on a server that is monitoring for new files, notifying another service of the presence of this file, that service is processing the file and then removing the file from the Drive folder.

The InSync server is NOT recognizing that the file was removed from the folder and is not deleting the file locally. This means that our InSync server is constantly sending the same file to our service.

The official google client run on my desktop removed the file and the web app shows the file as removed from the folder, so I think the Insync client should be deleting the file too.

please send your log files to so our engineers can troubleshoot: How to find the log files

@dipesh @lpugoy @jimperio

Sorry, I was on vacation the last couple days otherwise I would have gotten these back sooner…

Since filing this issue we’re seeing a LOT of sync issues. A fair number of files aren’t getting pushed out to Drive now either.

I’ve attached the logs and emailed them to support.