Get_status returns FEED; what does it mean?


When I do insync get_status, it returns FEED. I can’t seem to find any mention if this in the documentation. What does FEED mean?


@beatobongco @jimperio any thoughts?


@lervag It just means that there are new items in the Insync Feed (usually due to recently-detected activity on shared files), which you can view using insync get_recent_changes. It’ll be cleared upon either viewing the Feed section in the app window or restarting Insync.

We’ll look into improving both our documentation and the output of insync(-headless) get_status. In addition, doing insync get_recent_changes should also clear the FEED status.


Ok. Thanks! I hope you push an update for this soon. :slight_smile:


Any progress on this a year later? At least the documentation part. What does it mean when insync get_status returns SHARE? Can we get a list of the returns from insync get_status and what they mean?


Hi there!

SHARE means that there are new shares for you in your google drive account. You can use the “get_new_shares” command to view them, and then use “accept_all_new_shares YOUREMAIL” or “accept_share FILENAME YOUREMAIL” command to accept them individually.

To reject them, use the term “reject” instead of “accept” in the commands above. All this informations were taken from the “man insync(-headless)” command on linux.

When all shares are addressed, the SHARE status answer will be cleared :slight_smile:

Hope this help, and have a great evening!