Ghost Folder, folder still on phisical drive, but not on web, and at a strange place in Insync's selective sync

Few week ago I added to my drive a folder shared by an other user.
Worked great: it was downloaded to my PCs, and seen it many time from my mobile, and also shared it with others who seen it.
Yesterday evening

  • I tried to access it from my android mobile,
  • at first I seen the folder and sub-folders,
  • but couldn’t open files (images),
  • then an other user of the folder tried to open it from his windows phone but he didn’t found the folder
  • then tried to open it from my phone again but the folder disappeared,
  • when comming back to my PC, I found the folder with all contents on the local drive at the right place,
  • but disappeared from web drive (
  • can’t find the folder in insync’s ‘selective sync/mydrive’
  • but it appeared in ‘selective sync/shared with me’ (strange)
  • checked on, and this folder is not appearing in ‘shared with me’
  • in meantime other files are synced correctly by insync.

Please help.

Hi @gabor111 it may be that the files have not fully synced in all of the devices. This is indeed very strange. Can you kindly send your log files (How to find the log files) to so we can investigate this.

Thank you :smile: