Googe drive folder on shared harddisk?


my harddrives look like this at them moment:

-HDD (Linux)
-> Google_Drive
-HDD (Windows)
-> Google_Drive
-HDD (Empty)

I had the idea to format my empty HDD to ntfs and use it as shared Google_Drive storage for both systems.
This has two big advantages. For example i add 10gb of pictures on Linux, i would have to download them on windows. With the new configuration, the new stuff already exists and only has to be up, but not downloaded. Furthermore i safe 100gb of ssd storage overall.

Do you see big problems on this approach? Currently i am using the google client on windows and insync on linux. I am afraid i might somehow mess up the process. I had the idea windows might recognize 10gb new pictures online, compares them with the latest status (for example status since last recorded sync) of the local files and tries to download/override the already existing files. I could think of bunch of situations, cloud stuff is doing strange things at times from my experience.
Would you recommend this setup?
Would you recomment switching to insync on windows to do so?
Do you see some corner cases?