Google Drive Folders Invisible to some Apps on HFS+ Volumes (Win10)


I have a large RAID formatted as HFS+ and accessed through MacDrive on a Windows 10 system.

The files sync and are accessible just fine, but in some apps the directories created by insync are invisible. In particular, this shows up in Davinci Resolve, where files can be manually drag-dropped from insync folders into Resolve, but the app file browser can’t see the directories themselves.

On the same system, when syncing to an NTFS volume, all works as expected. Is there some reason an HFS+ volume would show this behavior in Windows 10?


Tagging our engineer @dipesh and he will get back to you.


@jedmitchell If you manually create a directory inside the same directory that Insync has added directories to, can they be seen via the apps’ file browsers?



@dipesh No, directories created manually inside the root InSync directory (or further down inside sub-sub directories) are not seen by the app file browsers (specifically I’m seeing this error in BMD Resolve & Fusion, Houdini, and Nuke which all have custom file browsers).

This bug isn’t exactly a show-stopper, I can just install another drive in my Windows box specifically for InSync and keep it NTFS formatted, but it would be nice if I could move the same drive back and forth between PC & Mac without having to sync everything twice.