Headless 1.5.7 -vs- Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server

Trying to install insync-headless 1.5.7 (insync-headless_1.5.7.37371-wheezy_amd64.deb) on a brand-new Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server (i.e. no GUI).

The package installed fine.
However, I seem to be stuck in a loop of sorts.

When I run “insync-headless start” it complains that I need to use “add_account”.
When I try to do the “add_account” thing (with the code, etc.), it complains …

Insync doesn't seem to be running. Start it first.

Also, when trying to do “add_account” seeing this error:

account@server:~# insync-headless add_account --path /some/path/here -a some-code-here
By adding an account, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions (insynchq.com/agreement). [yes/no]
 Error: (400, '{\n  "error": "invalid_grant",\n  "error_description": "Bad Request"\n}')

Seems like there is some back-end page that it needs, which is gone now?

Gave it some time, generated a new code, and seems to be working now. weird.

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Hi @FreaksMisfits,

Glad to know that it’s working now. If any issue persists just update this thread so we can assist you :slight_smile: