High activity of HD even without any content change of synced folder


I have 2 accounts both with similar amount of 90GB in 74000 files.
files are synced long time ago and there are on a daily basis a few new less than MB files added, which are synced mostly within a few seconds/minutes. However:

  • for last few weeks insync works non-stop loading hard-drive intensively, meaning that insync continuously doing something with hard-drive, literally day and night. I have not seen such behavior previously; no updates of insync, no viruses noticed.
  • had to lower process priority to be able to use computer
  • 2 days ago installed logger for HD activity and you see results below: hundreds of GB of activities on insync .db-wal files

Thanks for help!

@Roman_Zahharov: Thanks for the report. Please send to us the logs.db and compressed copy of the dbs folder (present next to the logs.db file) obtained at a time when Insync has been running for at least 1.5 hours since the start/resumption and while it is still using hard-drive intensively.

Here is how to find the the logs: How to find the log files


I have the same on Ubuntu 15.04 and Insync 1.2.12 - ist there in meantime a solution for this problem?

  1. the logs.db is sent to support@insynchq.com
  2. compressed copy of the dbs folder is 1,1+GB in size - no way to send; even if I only look at latest files that is 900MB:

    how shall we proceed?

@Roman_Zahharov: Please delete the gd2-11618434426651359962-corrupted.db from this folder.

Exclude the file gd2-113192532505283864620.db and compress the folder, upload it on drive and then share it with us.


  • deleted.
  • excluded, compressed to zip, uploaded and shared to support@insynchq.com.
    awaiting for reply,

Hello, any updates on case above? Latest version of Insync still behaves as described previously.

@Roman_Zahharov: Sorry for the delayed response. The database for one of your accounts (l***.e*****a@gmail.com) did reveal something unusual. However we haven’t been able to find the cause of it yet. Could you send in the compressed copy of the dbs folder and logs,db again so that we could try analyzing the change (if there is any)?

Like last time, please copy these while Insync has been running and has a high hard drive activity.

Hello, same issue again:

  • non-stop HDD light on while insync is running
  • HDD is busy with .wal and .db-wal files by resource monitor of windows
  • icons on folders are reflecting correct sync status: check with what is on the drive and what is on my machine
  • on 22.JAN I’ve added a 12800 files in 20GB - images / video
  • afert that insync shows “scanning for chages” , shows no issues and all seems fine but from 22.JAN file from other folders are also no synchronized, showing blue sync icon over folder icon
  • yesterday I’ve installed insync from web hoping it would fix it but it did not for last 18h of uptime.

I’ve closed insync, archived its folder into zip, uploaded via web to my drive and shared with support@insynchq.com

Awaiting for feedback/guidance,


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