High memory usage


I am using Insync v1.5.5 and I have been having high memory usage from the /usr/lib/insync/QtWebEngineProcess process.

I have also had insync using up 20% cpu and getting stuck with that much cpu usage and having to kill -9 insync.


Hi @MustardOnCheese,

May I confirm if you were syncing a lot of files during the CPU spike or was Insync just running in your background?


No syncing was taking place so I kill insync and restart, rinse and repeat.

I have to now not use Insync and use the command line tool grive launched from cron.

Can you give a link to the pre-1. 5.5 version?


Hi @MustardOnCheese,

Can you try this please? New Insync version: 1.5.4

Let me know if the same issue persists. Thank you and happy holidays!