How do I remove "Action Required" items without taking the action

I misunderstood the selective sync feature. This feature needs either a better name or more disclamers. Naturally Insync did a bunch of stuff that I didn’t want it to do. I am in the process of fixing that stuff. It also created a long list of “Action Required” items. More stuff I don’t want insync to do.
How do I clear these items, without taking the action.

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Can you let me know your OS and the error inthe “Actions required” tab?

Im stuck with the same issue. I moved a folder from my dropbox folder to just my user folder then told insync to sync it and now I am stuck with 40 “Action Items”. Any way to clear them?

Same here, I’m stuck with 73 items in “Actions Required” that I can’t remove and it insync does not continue syncing. Tried to restart with no effect. What now??

@lightnicus: Please send your logs to for investigation: How to find the log files.

@lpugoy same issue here, how can I dismiss an action required? Insync keeps working but it is annoying to see these actions required with the red exclamation mark. Please add a dismiss button.

@ale_giocasta: Apologies for the trouble. Entries in the “Actions required” section usually indicate an error in your syncing that require manual intervention. Due to that they can’t be dismissed. Please send your logs to for investigation as well: How to find the log files.

Getting the same error here, with more than 850 ACTIONS REQUIRED!

Any way to automatically “retry” on all?

Please answer my email with logs

Hi Edwin,

I’ve received your email and have also replied. :slight_smile:

Thanks. For others who have the same issue, removing the account from insync and adding it back again fixed it. Basically, start over ^^

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