How do I request a refund?

I’m not happy with InSync. I purchased a single license for $20 about a month ago in hopes that it could replace Google Drive on my machine at work. Instead it’s buggy, incredibly slow, and not helpful at all. I hope you guys can fix these issues, because otherwise, I thought it was a really intuitive, easy to use product. It just was too buggy to be reliable. I tried to use it to sync Google Drive on a network drive, and it just didn’t work well. Instead I’m using a combination of Google Drive client and Carbon Copy Cloner to do the job and it actually seems to be working quite well. Can I request a refund for InSync? How does this process work?

Hi @Brent_Alexander I apologize for that.

We would like to investigate your issue if you don’t mind, please send in your logs to
How to find the log files

Kindly include the link to this post as well :smile:

I’m having the same issues except I’ve only used the paid version for less then 1 day and it’s failing horribly.

can you help with setting up a refund.

I need a refund ASAP. It only synced my folders and no files from Google drive online to my network drive. When I put about a dozen files on the network drive locally it never uploaded them to google drive. It just sat there so I restarted the app in Windows 10. Now it says “scanning for changes…” and appears to be scanning the entire 100GB Google folder which would just wear out my hard drive in a hurry and not be near real time. The last 1-2 days it has also maxed out my local hard drive. I don’t want to wear out all my drives. I need near real time sync so I will just upload directly to the cloud for every new file I create. Please refund my money.

Can you send in your Google Account via so we can check this out?