How to disable balloon notifications [SOLVED]


Hi all,

Brand new user with insync here. I have the trial professional version installed with 3 Google accounts on a Windows 7 pc. So far it syncs great. However, every time some else updates a shared file, I get pop-up balloon by my task bar notifying me that the new file version was updated/synced. Is there a way to turn off this pop-up notification since also appears in my feed? I didn’t see any options for this in the desktop program settings.



Hello @ShawnJ,

Please see the following how-to page for disabling pop up notifications:



Thanks Dipesh! Followed the instructions and applied the new settings.


Yea, the how-to page explains it, but why is the Settings icon so bloody hidden, under a plus sign?!
I looked everywhere without noticing that ±menu.


Seriously, why the hell is the menu icon a + sign? I assumed it was to add another account, not to see the settings!