Ignore list not really ignoring files, doing *everything* except uploading

The new “ignore list” feature doesn’t really ignore a directory with the ignored extension except for the duration of that session. When insync re-starts, it queues up and fully processes every file in it and only stops short of uploading it to my google drive.

Insync app window shows all the files being queued, progress display indicates each file/sub-directory being uploaded despite never making it to google drive. It’s a major problem if there are a lot of files to be “ignored” (as in my case), with insync not syncing anything else and much of my CPU sucked up for a very long time.

Here’s the deal:

Lubuntu 14.04
VirtualBox VM under Windows 8.1 host.
Logged in with Xubuntu session

  1. “.tiles” added to ignore list
  2. Created “map.tiles” directory for mapping application local cache.
    3 .Dropped 298,138 files/folders into ‘map.tiles’
  3. Insync indicated no activity for duration of that session on this machine. Thought all was well.
  4. Shutdown and re-booted, came back later to 250,000 items queued and being processed at about 5 per second, using fully 1 of 2 available cores.
  5. Can’t close Insync normally with the “off” button. App display freezes, command line shows insync continues, but no files being processed.
  6. Command line “insync quit” and “insync get_status” indicate that it quit, but process continues
  7. Had to kill after waiting 15 minutes or so. Probably wouldn’t die on it’s own - it was using zero CPU for all that time.
  8. Re-starting insync with and without re-boot - starts from scratch, queueing all 300,000 files and starts process over again. Maybe because it doesn’t quit gracefully.

@lnigra Please send your logs to support@insynchq.com for investigation. You can compress them before sending to save space. (https://forums.insynchq.com/t/how-to-find-the-log-files/19)