Incomplete Sync on Fresh Install

Just installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 16.04.1 on my new laptop, and installed Insync 1.3.12. Insync has finally finished syncing my two Google accounts, but some files are missing locally. The files that are missing are present online in Google Drive, and are also present on the other computers that are running Insync. However, Insync does not appear to detect that the sync has not yet finished. New files created online in Google Drive are synced correctly, and files added locally are uploaded, so the sync is working, it just has stopped before all files have been downloaded.

Is there a way to force Insync to check locally for files that are missing? Failing that, is there a way to “restart from scratch” and get Insync to start the whole sync process again?

Tagging our engineer @lpugoy and he will get back to you.

@davethemoviejunkie: Apologies for the trouble. Please check if these files are selected in your user’s selective sync interface: How to selectively sync Google Drive folders and files. If they’re not try selecting them and applying the changes.

Interesting. Having a look at the app window, I definitely have “All items” checked, and when I drill down to the folders that are missing files the only files that were shown were the ones that have been synced, the other files that are online simply did not appear.

However, having made zero changes and simply closing the app window, Insync is now syncing 18000+ files, and all the missing files now appear in the selective sync interface. It appears that simply looking at the folder here has got Insync to realise that some files are missing. I will let the current sync finish and then check to see if everything is there.

@davethemoviejunkie: I see. That issue is a known one that we haven’t found the fix yet. If possible please send your logs to so we can check if the cause is indicated there: How to find the log files. Thanks.

Log files have been sent—hope they are some help :slight_smile: