Initialization failed!


@Evan_Reminick You would just need to add those accounts to Insync again, making sure during setup to select the previous syncing folder for each. If you had selective sync settings previously set, it would be best to set that up again at this point as well.

Insync will then proceed to process and match your existing files in the old syncing folders to your existing files on Drive. This will work best if there are no discrepancies between your local files and your files on Drive. Let us know if any issues come up!


I have the same problem of Initialization failed message. I have to remove the account, or this problem has been fixed in another way?


I’m having this problem too. Looking through the logs I can see that there is a failure: “DB of %r does not exist”, where the params identify the account that is failing to sync.

I urgently need a fix for this that doesn’t involve syncing everything again.



So, I have just learned through reading this thread of the dreaded “Initialization failed!” error. I have also be plagued with such an error.

In reading through this, it seems that as of June of 2015 at least, you have known about this issue, and your answer is still “delete and start over” ? I don’t get it…

I’m very frustrated by this situation. I’m a professor who works with digital media and I have this software now installed in my lab, on several laptops, etc - in a busy department doing research, teaching, etc.

Is there really no other solution to this? Seriously, this is basically a deal breaker, no?

Please advise,


I’m also having this issue.

After 1 week syncing my Drive, this error occurred at 95% of the process.
Is this the only solution you have?

We have more than 500Gb to sync, do I have to resync the entire thing again?

Please advise.

Thanks for your attention.


For those experiencing the “Initialization Failed” issue, try this: How to resolve the “Initialization Failed” account error (if followed correctly, files will continue syncing)


I have completely removed/re-added my account to get rid of this, only for the error to start appearing again in approx. a month.

Any tips how to resolve without having to remove and re-add the account again?


@gio - tried but cannot seem to be able to access