Installed Insync, not syncing any files


I am trying to use your trial for syncing a very large shared directory on a server 2012 box. I’ve added the directories to insync’s share but there is no activity at all, nothing is syncing. I’ve tried force sync and still nothing.
I sent my logs.db file to your support email. What am I doing wrong? I tired using google drive sync but that program is extremely unstable so I’m hoping that your program will be better. Thanks!

@Stephen_Hawk: If it is a very large shared directory on a network share, then initial scanning of the files may take some time during which Insync may only upload a very few files/folders. Please do not use Force sync as it will make Insync scan that folder again causing additional delays, just let it run continuously without pausing/force-syncing. Also, kindly send to us the logs at so that we could confirm if Insync is working as expected: How to find the log files