Insync 1.4.8 only synced folders and not files


My setup:

  • Mac with insync running
  • NFS share on remote computer (NAS box)
  • Google drive setup on NFS share

The process seemed to have been working when I started it last afternoon and it was crunching through files in its lists without any errors. I let it go overnight and seemed to be making progress. Overnight the process crashed. I restarted it and it quickly seemed to find its place and then work through the remaining files. Suspiciously, this seemed to be going way faster than what I would have expected and what I saw the day before. I checked the directory it was using and I only see the folders/structure of the share but it doesn’t look like any files have been processed. The application is now stuck is perpetual “syncing” state as it tries to detect changes.


If it’s “syncing” (blue/white circle) then it’s not finished yet. It’s not just detecting changes but actively working to sync.
It’s expected that all folders will be populated first. Files are downloaded only after that.


@Hawk Thank you for this. :slight_smile:

Hey @AlexMaskovyak-- if there are no improvements (i.e. the blue/white circle is still look stuck), send your log files to with the link to this post. Please also include screenshots of your Progress and My Drive tabs. Thanks!