Insync 1.4 beta with sync on-demand + Team Drive syncing is here!



I have seen similar behavior using Google Drive File Stream. If another user created a folder in a Team Drive, the new folder wasn’t getting sync’d to my computer. After I browsed to the folder in Google Drive web interface, it triggered a sync in Drive File stream. Working with Google support, I deleted my entire File Stream folder (including offline cache) and re-sync’d the offline folders. The problem appears to have gone away, but I am keeping my eye on it to see if it shows up again. If it shows up again, the problem may be on the Google Drive server side which can also effect other API clients such as Insync.


Hi guys, we’ve released the 1.4.2 build :smile: More details here: 1.4.2 (release candidate) is now available!

an excerpt:


When will you update the APT repository with v1.4? My Insync client keeps telling me that 1.4 is available and that I should ‘get it now’ but the repository is still stuck on


I’ve upgraded to Teams and upgraded the client to on Ubuntu 18.04. I can run insync-headless. The trouble I’m having is that it is only downloading my personal Google Drive files, not my team files too. How do I download the Team files?


Hi @Mark_Warburton,

Just wanted to confirm if you want to keep using insync-headless, or perhaps you want to use the UI but having trouble doing so? I asked because Team Drives can be easily synced via the UI. :slight_smile: Let me know, thanks!


Hi. The machine in question is a VPS with very limited RAM. It is not suitable for a GUI. I’m sure others have a similar setup so it is not solved by the suggestion of setting up a GUI.