Insync 1.4 on Mac OS 10.11 will not sync with Insync 1.4 on Mac 10.13


Currently running Mac OS 10.11 on an older Mac (early 2009), which cannot be upgraded to 10.13.
Other connected Mac’s are all running OS 10.13.

Insync 1.3 worked fine on all systems, with file syncing working okay between all platforms.

Installed Insync 1.4 on all platforms. Syncing now fails between the 10.11 Mac and the 10.13 Mac’s.
File sync never starts from the 10.11 Mac, it just continuously shows xxxx files in the queue.

Downgrading Mac with OS 10.11 to Insync 1.3 allows all systems to communicate
but with Insync 1.4 on the Mac 10.13 machines.

Other than keeping the older non-upgradable Mac on Version 1.3 is there another solution?


We’re currently developing a fix for the stuck syncing issue and will be available within today.


Hi, Just hoping for an update - this is a critical bug for me. Thanks!


Fix is here: IMPORTANT: Insync 1.4.4 release addresses stuck syncing and selective sync issues


With all due respect, this is not an acceptable fix. Please advise if there will be a better solution or if this is all you plan do.