Insync 1.5.7 builds

Since some of us are “stuck” on 1.5.7 can we please get a 20.04 build of it?



I strongly second that! At least some advice on how to make it work on 20.04.



Me too. can we get a 1.5.7 version of 20.04 until we get a solid solid 3.x?

I think that would be a good compromise and will keep us and Insync happy and “stable” :slight_smile:

Not sure they are reading this thread so I posted in a similar one that talks about Ubuntu version releases here

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BTW, for those of you who may be interested. 1.5.7 runs in 20.04 and seems to do the job, but it will crash as soon as you try to access the interface via the applet in the panel. So, you won’t be able to change anything (but it runs and syncs)

I was able to get Insync 1.57 working on Ubuntu 20.04 by removing

$ mv /usr/lib/insync/ /usr/lib/insync/

Good find! I can confirm this works on Mint 20 too.

Interesting. Is the applet in the system tray responsive? Can you open it?

My Insyc started and seemed to work, but I was not able to interact with the actual applet, it will crash. Would this fix solve that?

I also bought a license that leaves me stuck in the 1.x version.
The 1.5.7 version is working on Ubuntu 20.04.1 by removing the file. It is syncing and the applet works normally.

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Nope, v3 is a disaster on 20.04, I’m now trying to use 1.5 instead, but reading the comments that it doesn’t work on 20.04 is concerning.

I’ve been using Insync for years and I love it, however, headless support is woeful and they either need to ditch v3 headless and simply put their development effort into 1.5x for headless support or simply put the time and effort into sorting v3 headless out.

The very least they could do is update 1.5x to officially support Ubuntu 20, seeing as v3 headless is such a disaster.

Actually, after a quick google I’m going to use rclone instead. For what we need (one way server backups), its fine (it can do syncs as well)., its also free It may not be as polished as Insync, but for me, it works, it uses our own client IDs so rate limiting isn’t the issue anymore (this is what we ran into with v3, it constantly hit rate limits and simply stopped trying to upload).

Trying the v3 on Ubuntu 20.10 it gets stuck syncing constantly on a large 500GB OneDrive. Im going to try the 1.5x version and hope its ok.

Hey everybody, I figured I’d give my experience with this issue in case it helps someone. First off, the devs messed up by screwing over everybody that purchased a lifetime license to their product. I use Insync on a headless server for personal use and can’t justify upgrading to 3.0 and spending more money on Insync than I pay for the cloud storage it accesses.
Here is what I found for me, when I download and install 1.5.7 using the Ubuntu 18.04 .deb I get nothing but issues when I try to start it. After finding this page I tried installing version 1.5.7 using the “Headless deb” at the top of this page. I installed it using apt install (not sure if this matters or not) and it seems to work flawlessly now.
Maybe this will help somebody. Have a good day.

what is the apt command to install 1.5.7?

Hi! Could you follow this?

Change “” to “

Is Insync 1.5.7 still meant to work @mia? I’m getting Error: (401, '{\n "error": "unauthorized_client",\n "error_description": "Unauthorized"\n}'). I have a lifetime license in teams and can’t get the headless working in 3 without it wanting a server account.

@Nick_Jones1 yup, I checked your account and it’s still meant to work with your Teams license but this license is compatible for 1.x and 1.x-headless, not 3.x-headless. To summarize, your Teams license works for:

  • 1.x with GUI
  • 1.x-headless
  • 3.x Desktop version (with GUI)

It is not supported on:

  • 3.x-headless

You can continue using the 1.x-headless build without interruptions to your sync. I hope that clears things up!

Thanks @mia that’s what I thought, there’s definitely an issue here somewhere then because I am getting the above unauthorized_client error on 1.5.7 headless trying to add a new account and one of my old working accounts has disconnected. Please can you take a look.


Hello @Nick_Jones1 :slight_smile: Could you send an email to with the link to this post?

Please do include the ff:

  • Insync account that is getting the unauthorized_client error
  • Insync account that got disconnected
  • logs.db and out.txt files. These should be in ~/.config/Insync-headless

Thanks very much!

Nick, were you able to figure this out? Running into a similar issue on CentOS 7.

Hi @Seth_Goldin!

I have reached out to our engineers about this after receiving your email. Could you also send me the logs.db and out.txt files from ~/.config/Insync-headless?