Insync 3.0.23 bugs with thunar and syncing on Xubuntu 18.04.3

Cross-posting rather than repeating myself.

Hi Vincent

  1. We’re going to release the share dialog context menu option in 3.0.24 this week, however, the option to sync and view file on web should already be available in 3.0.23.
  2. Can you describe this more to us? Was the file-matched from an initial sync?

There are several posts at this thread of the forum: New Insync version: 3.0.23. This thread includes a link to where I describe the issues and how I resolved the syncing issue:

The integration with thunar is still a problem. Any idea on when that will be addressed?

Did you download the package from our downloads page? If the integration itself has a problem, can you send them over to

You apparently did not read my posts on the other section of this forum: New Insync version: 3.0.23.

I specifically describe the problem as missing context menus, and kyle states that context menu functionality is not yet implemented in 3.0.23. I then posted a screen shot of insync that says the thunar integration has been implemented. I then point out that these kind of problems need a better explanation

I originally downloaded and installed insync Upgrades have occurred since then.

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Context menu support in thunar is still missing as of I understand that you all have acknowledged some development problems with version 3 (OFFICIAL: Insync 3 Formal Statement).

Part of the problem with the version 3 rollout has been a change in how insync works without a solid explanation of those changes and what settings need to be changed or monitored with the update (as noted in this thread and the other I posted in).

Tech writers are nearly as important as the coders. If the explanations are wanting, the coding fixes will not matter all that much, as folks will not know what exactly has been fixed.

So, please push out some more explanations. I would like to know when thunar integration is expected.

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Thank you for voicing out your concern, @Vincent_Farberg. I will be requesting for a followup from our engineers regarding this.

Could you confirm if you’re still running Xubuntu?

Xubuntu 18.04.3.

See for details.