Insync attempting to sync huge amount of files


My team and I have had some issues with insync attempting to sync a huge amount of files.

We set insync up last week and, after the initial sync, everything seemed to be working fine. We’ve disabled the “Sync new children of partial folders” option, and have only certain specific folders selected to sync. However, over the last few days many of us are experiencing issues where insync claims to be syncing up to 500,000 files (and slowly ticks down over a number of days. Mine’s been running for around a week and is only down to 300,000).

There is absolutely no chance that the folders we have synced contain anywhere near that number of files, and insync refuses to upload new changes while it’s attempting to resolve this which is incredibly annoying as we’re now having to go back to manually uploading stuff to Drive, which is what we were trying to avoid by purchasing insync in the first place.

The problem only seems to be presenting itself for people using Windows 10. If you need any other information, let me know

It might be just scanning the rest of the files before syncing the number of files selected. Can you send in your logs with the link to this post via so we can look into this?
How to find the log files