Insync Crash R6025

I randomly get this crash everytime I left Insync running in background

tagging our engineer @dipesh and he will get back to you.

you are not the only one having this issue. I am having it as well. I hope this increases the chances on the issue getting a response.

Yep, me too. It started about a year ago and then disappeared some time back. I noticed it started up again in the past week or so. I think this is C++ framework related. Was their an update in the framework recently (part of me loves the automatically, obligatory, updates in Win 10…part of me…grrrrr!!!)?

I also have still issue, and as draftvader said, it seems to be an error evoked by the C++ framework to prevent calling a function from a place where calling it would be invalid. Oddly, Insync will work for hours before this crash occurs, so I am not sure what function is getting called / how this error is being triggered. Has anyone found a solution or discovered information regarding to this error? Has anyone heard from @dipesh?

@jesse_t Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get to the bottom of this issue. Our last investigation of it revealed that this error occurred inside of a third party library that we use. Could you send across the logs.db and out.txt files from your Insync setup to


@dipesh I have sent them to that email, thanks for replying.